“I dreamt of a brand oozing good energy and love. Of  combining design with a warm, family atmosphere. I dreamt of work that would be my passion and the element I couldn’t go a day without. I dreamt that each product would carry a mission and a message supporting women, motivating them to mutually respect each other. It has come true… there is OPLOTKA.”


A bit of fantasy, a pinch of color and tons of good energy. That’s how fancy jewelry for active girls, initially named O'plotka, was born in the head (and heart) of our founder, Karolina Głuchowska. As she says, necessity became the mother of invention - in search of beautiful accessories that could be worn even on a snowboard, she created her own, hand-made, multifunctional silver jewelry adorned with gemstones. 

What started as fun, quickly evolved into today’s OPLOTKA, conquering the hearts of loyal customers along the way and constantly meeting their expectations. Over the course of 4 years the brand “grew up” and evolved along with its founder - the logo was rebranded, an online store was established. Today’s Oplotka is a mirror image of Karolina herself and her approach to life, bringing together wonderful people in a constantly growing team full of enthusiasm, passion and good energy they pass on to the world in every hand-made bracelet, necklace or earrings. 


To be a woman… that sounds proud! Females make up the vast majority of the Oplotka team and our priority is mutual respect and trust.  We not only work together, but also support each other on a daily basis outside the office. We believe in female intuition, this precious ability to feel "more" that often works as our guide,  indicating the right direction. It makes us better recognize the needs of other women - our consumers. It is for them that Oplotka was created and it is they who set new signposts for our brand. 


They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder - but you just can’t be subjective to the gifts of Nature. The undeniable beauty of natural stones does not cease to amaze us and to create the desire to keep their hidden powers for us. Our passion and love for design, on the other hand, inspired us to combine crystals with various metals. That's how each new composition, a small load of sheet beauty we want to bestow on you, is created.


Sensibility, love for gorgeous interiors and broadly understood aesthetics, passion for music and books on psychology ... These are just a few words that describe our founder, Karolina. Yet it seems impossible to express with words how colorful a spirit with a golden heart she is! You just need to get to know Karolina, and one meeting over a cup of good coffee is enough to feel her energy. A woman who goes through life like a storm and successfully runs the Oplotka brand - created "from scratch", on her own and with her whole heart put into the project. By the way, she’s also a ¼ of #czworonas, a family travelling around the world with their daughters and showing them the beauty is everywhere, at your fingertips.


We do know very well both the bright and dark sides of running your own business. That’s why, in line with the beautiful #wereinthistogether social campaign, we source locally, supporting our Polish market. Thanks to this, we can proudly call Oplotka a product “made in Poland”.


We want to provide the highest quality products, while caring for the well-being of our common home. Rest assured that the products you buy at Oplotka will not be packed in unnecessary plastic. We use fully biodegradable FSC-certified packaging, and the postcards added to the order can get a “second life” in the form of bookmarks.


Earth doesn't like excess. At Oplotka we follow the make-to-order strategy so there are no surplus stocks. It is our hallmark, thanks to which we consciously build a pro-ecological brand.


... they allegedly don’t exist, but we firmly believe in those setting Oplotka’s goals. Following the heart, creating campaigns with a beautiful mission, caring for a consistent brand message, the desire to constantly develop and draw inspiration from the world around us - all of these are our true driving force.

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